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Valentine's Day - how to combine love and personal finance?

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It's Lovers' Day! For many people, February 14th is synonymous with togetherness and complicity, and an opportunity to show their affection for their loved one, often with gifts, large or small, simple or extraordinary.
Some look forward to it as a demonstration or proof of love that can't be ignored, a magical moment to experience and share, which rhymes with gratitude, generosity and originality. But for others, it can become a real headache, especially when it imposes an expense that's hard to bear on an already strained budget.
Lovers' day or business opportunity? In any case, it's also a time to question the place of money in a couple's relationship.
Without minimizing or overshadowing the importance of this day, which celebrates Love in all its forms, let's remember that there are other ways of loving and showing it, and that it's important to put money in its rightful place. We therefore recommend :

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

I know only one duty and that's to love

Albert Camus

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