Solidarity savings

Crédit Municipal de Paris offers several savings products: two passbooks, including a sharing passbook, and term accounts with three different maturities. What do they have in common? They're all socially responsible and reliable.

Becoming a solidarity saver, an ethical choice

Becoming a solidarity saver means making
the choice of an ethical use of your money, while benefiting from an attractive interest rate. By choosing
our solidarity savings products, you are financing a socially-oriented activity,
pawnbroking. In this way, you're helping to build a fairer society.

Total solidarity savings in France reached 26.3 billion euros in 20221, up 7.4% on 2021.

What do they have in common
and what's special about them?

All in solidarity

Outstanding savings help finance the bank's pawnbroking activities. All Crédit Municipal de Paris savings products have been awarded the " Finansol" label .

All are reliable

Crédit Municipal de Paris is a financial institution distinct from conventional banks: the City of Paris is its sole shareholder. As such, it offers the solid guarantee of an establishment whose capital is entirely public.

All with attractive interest rates

The interest rate varies according to the criteria you choose: nature and duration of the investment, donation of part of your interest to an association, etc.

ProductGross annual rate* (%)Minimum payment amountMaximum amount
Livret Paris Partage2,80 %50 €50 000 €
Livret Solidarité2,55 %**50 €600 000 €
12-month Solidarity term account3,05 %1 500 €600 000 €
18-month Solidarity term account2,90 %1 500 €600 000 €
24-month Solidarity term account2,85 %1 500 €600 000 €
* Gross annual rate
** 2.60% for public employees

All Crédit Municipal de Paris savings products are Finansol-labeled. The Finansol label distinguishes solidarity savings products. It is awarded by a committee of independent experts. This label is an important guarantee that a savings product complies with strict criteria of solidarity and transparency.

Like Laura, give meaning to your savings

"By saving, I know that my money is growing without the temptation to touch it and spend it needlessly. As a saver, I can say that I'm supporting causes that are close to my heart. It gives meaning to my savings.

Laura Crédit Municipal de Paris saver

Build up your solidarity savings now!