A company with a mission by its very nature, Crédit Municipal de Paris has a strategy that enables it to contribute, at its own level, to France's national low-carbon strategy.

In 2022, Crédit Municipal de Paris adopted a Low Carbon Strategy, the very first measure promised by the Herakles Strategic Plan. This roadmap will accompany the institution until 2030. It sets targets for reducing direct and indirect carbon emissions to achieve net carbon neutrality by 2050.

10 key measures

1. Reduce carbon footprint by 25% in 2030 compared with 2019, to 44.6 ktCO2e

2. Transparency of Crédit Municipal de Paris' annual carbon footprint

3. Raising awareness among pawnbroking customers to steer them towards low-carbon consumption

4. Fine mapping of the destination of pawnbroking loans granted

5. Advocacy actions to guide the use of investments

6. Greening the investment strategy

7. Real estate investments of €4 million to improve the thermal performance of buildings and reduce emissions in this area by 44% by 2030.

8. Increase teleworking to 3 days a week by 2030

9. Sequestration
of 6 ktCO2eper year

10. Adoption of green accounting by 2023/2024