Balancing your budget

Consulting, training, coaching

With a view to providing comprehensive support, we have designed two programs for private companies, public institutions and associations.

Since 2008, Crédit Municipal de Paris has built up unique expertise in personal finance coaching and budget support. Its aim: to prevent and deal with financial difficulties, to help people realize their personal projects, and to raise awareness of the fundamentals of budget management, day-to-day banking and the relationship with money, for greater financial well-being.

To help you provide the best possible support to people
we have designed two programs for private companies, public institutions and associations:

Employee support program

This program helps you to identify, support and guide people in situations of financial vulnerability (employees, users, customers).

It is aimed at support professionals (social workers, socio-professional integration officers, support referrers), human resources managers and local managers, front or back office customer advisors, etc. The program is based on training courses designed to enhance your teams' skills in preventing and dealing with situations of financial vulnerability (knowing how to identify, talk about, prescribe and refer). 

It also includes support in limiting risks
(psycho-social, litigation, image, etc.), facilitating the day-to-day activity
of your employees by strengthening their skills and commitment (calming conflicts, limiting anxiety-provoking situations, building customer loyalty, etc.), responding to new social challenges and ensuring that everyone can devote themselves fully to their core business.

Personal finance coaching and support program

This program helps vulnerable or weakened people to regain their financial health. It has been designed for customers, employees and clients identified and referred to Crédit Municipal de Paris.

This program offers individual coaching in personal finance, training, workshops and advice on the following areas of expertise: budget management, day-to-day banking, relationship with money. The program's reinforced and benevolent support is designed to raise awareness and enable people to become more autonomous. Our personal finance coaches are qualified/certified and supervised. They have legal, banking and social expertise.

" Almost 1 year ago, we launched the "Parlons d'argent" workshops with Crédit Municipal de Paris. These workshops for Malakoff Humanis employees are based on a cognitive-behavioral and fun approach, to help everyone understand their relationship with money and their representations of it. As the workshops progress, we realize how useful, even essential, it is to be able to talk easily about money... whatever your age, status or financial situation!"

Malakoff Humanis, paritarian and mutualist social protection group

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