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Everything you need to know to register your object or manage your contract!

Gold jewelry, watches, luxury leather goods, wine, musical instruments, retrogaming items... You can pawn a wide variety of items at Crédit Municipal de Paris.
If you're not sure about an item you'd like to pawn, please contact us before you come! Send us an email at Voir l'email.

List of accepted items

Signed jewelry in gold, platinum or silverDesigner jewelry
GoldVintage wines
Luxury leather goods*: bags, clutches, wallets, shoes
with invoice in the name of the engager
Signed vintage clothing and fashion accessories*
with invoice payable to engagist
Signed watches, pens, lightersBikes
for silverware services, a minimum of 6 pieces of each flatware.
Signed glassware, ceramics
Sculptures, bronzes, subjectsWatches, lighting
Art objectsCollector's books
Musical instrumentsAntique or designer furniture and rugs**.
Magic and Pokémon cards, in excellent condition, graded 9/9.5/10 and in sealed caseOriginal comic strips
Nintendo, Sega and Sony video games and consoles on sale until 2000. Complete kit, original working condition and original box (original controller, manual and connectors). Complete video games with original box.Figures from 1970 to 2005 (Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, etc.). Excellent condition with original box

* For clothes, shoes and leather goods: only unstained items in good condition (little wear) are accepted.

** Only carpets and tapestries qualifying for a loan of over 4,000 euros are accepted as pawns. They will be quarantined as soon as they are deposited, and then disinfected.
We do not accept furs as pawns, nor objects containing ivory or elephant hair.

To deposit an item and obtain a loan, you will need :

To retrieve your item, you will need :

For clearance by power of attorney, you must present original proof of identity for both principal and agent, and a legible, dated, signed power of attorney specifying the contracts to be cleared. Only the contract(s) specified in the power of attorney can be cleared.

  • For payments by cheque, only cashier's cheques (issued by your bank, in your name) are accepted, accompanied by their transaction advice, showing the bank details of the account sending the funds. Cheques should be made payable to the CMP Accounting Officer;
  • Cash payments for contract releases are limited to 3,000 euros per customer per calendar year;
  • Before coming, remember to check your credit card limit;
  • Bring a bank account number (RIB) to receive your loan payment on your account in the event of a transfer;
  • For loans of 10,000 euros or more, you will be asked to provide proof of income (tax assessment, latest pay slip, latest benefit payment certificate, etc.).
  • To limit waste, we reuse our packaging. No packaging is given to you when you collect your item. To make it easier to collect and transport your items, we invite you to bring all the materials you need to collect, pack and transport your goods.