Solidarity and redistribution are at the heart of the Crédit Municipal de Paris project.

Every year, the bank makes a point of donating part of its profits to associations to support their vital work. Crédit Municipal de Paris' strategic plan, the Héraklès Plan, sets a target of donating 10% of its annual profits by 2025.

supported in 2023

Secours Populaire

Support from Crédit Municipal de Paris has enabled us to perpetuate the solidarity grocery store opened in the 13th arrondissement, renovate a branch of the association in the 18th arrondissement catering mainly for young people and students, and launch initiatives to promote access to physical exercise and sports.

Women's Foundation

In addition to providing a relay apartment for women in highly vulnerable situations and supporting the Nuit des Relais, Crédit Municipal de Paris and the Foundation have joined forces to create the Observatoire de l'émancipation économique des Femmes. Based on a shared observation of the lack of data on the issue of women's precariousness, the Crédit Municipal de Paris and the Fondation des Femmes wanted, through this project, to produce knowledge on the economic, legal and social factors that generate or reinforce women's precariousness. Three notes, written by two experts in economic issues, were produced this year.

Siel Bleu

Crédit Municipal de Paris' support focused on the Fonds de solidarité séjour, thanks to which people in the Paris region suffering from cancer, Parkinson's disease, stroke or palliative care were able to enjoy a therapeutic stay. Support was also provided for the "A glimpse of Siel Bleu at home" program, which enabled vulnerable people to receive personalized support to help them break their isolation. Group classes were also organized in hospitals, for people with disabilities, and in facilities for the socially disadvantaged, with the aim of improving their physical and mental health.

Agence du Don en Nature

Crédit Municipal de Paris' support has been aimed first and foremost at restoring purchasing power to the most disadvantaged, through the "Semaine Bleue" (30,000 hygiene and care products distributed to partner associations working with the elderly), the "Noël Solidaire" operation (393 beneficiary associations, 330,568 products forwarded) and the "Urgence premiers pas" scheme (distribution of 640,000 diapers and 400,000 baby hygiene products to 130 partner associations). Secondly, the association was able to overhaul its digital infrastructure to optimize links with product-donor companies, improve product traceability and distribution control, and simplify distribution to beneficiary associations.

Emmaüs Coup de Main

Crédit Municipal de Paris has supported the association's operations and contributed to a number of projects such as building work, purchasing equipment and fitting out storage and sales areas.

Restos du Cœur

Finance & Education

Services solidaires

A company with a mission by its very nature, Crédit Municipal de Paris is committed to providing the people of Paris with ethical and socially responsible financial solutions.

4.1 million people in France* are currently experiencing financial difficulties. The people of Ile-de-France are particularly hard hit. We all know people around us who are struggling to find the financing they need to carry out a project, make ends meet, or even pay off debts. These sometimes complex situations can gradually lead to overindebtedness. They could often be avoided by anticipating and reacting quickly when difficulties arise: separation, long-term sick leave, job loss, payment incidents, requests for salary advances, etc. Crédit Municipal de Paris is innovating to find solutions to these social challenges, by promoting financial inclusion. The Parcours Budget service is aimed at anyone experiencing financial difficulties. Within this free, confidential support service, the teams offer a sympathetic ear, a complete diagnosis of the budgetary situation, a wealth of advice, and invaluable help and tools to help you regain control of your finances.

*Annual report of the Banking Inclusion Observatory, 2022

Introduced in Paris in 1637 by the philanthropist Théophraste Renaudot to combat usury, pawnbroking is an enduring social innovation. Even today, it's possible to obtain a loan by pawning an object of value: jewelry, a watch, a piece of art, a musical instrument or even a bicycle. The process is simple, fast and open to all, with no means-testing. The annual interest rate for loans under 500 euros is kept as low as possible.

Several solidarity savings products are available from Crédit Municipal de Paris. Among these, the Livret Paris Partage allows savers to donate 25% to 100% of their interest to a partner association: Emmaüs Coup de Main, Siel Bleu and Agence du Don en Nature. In 2023, a total of €102,000 was donated to Livret Paris Partage partner associations via interest payments made by savers. The various Crédit Municipal de Paris passbooks, which offer attractive interest rates, are certified by the Finansol label, attesting to their socially responsible vocation and total transparency.

Crédit Municipal de Paris's pawnbroking service is designed to be social and supportive. Of the items pawned, 10% are sold at auction. When an item is sold, if the auction price is higher than the amount owed by the original owner, the bank pays the difference, known as the bonus. In 2023, 5.3 million euros in bonuses were generated for Crédit Municipal de Paris customers.

supported in 2023

Social operations supported

For several years now, Crédit Municipal de Paris has been supporting this wide-ranging program of solidarity-based activities, encouraging young people and the underprivileged to return to the museum. As part of this program, the museums offer a range of free activities, both inside and outside their walls, aimed in particular at social and medico-social organizations and leisure centers.

Solidarity Week brings together people from the social, health, justice and popular education sectors. The Solidarity Week will feature numerous meetings, round tables and workshops.

Crédit Municipal de Paris supports the deployment of the Paris Musées family offer for the socially or economically excluded or vulnerable.