How do I get a pawnbroker's loan?

Getting a loan has never been easier. Let us guide you!

Preparing my visit

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To pawn an item, there's no need to make an appointment in the morning, or an appointment in the afternoon... the choice is yours!

In all cases, remember to bring all the necessary documents.

Pawnbroking is available from Monday to Saturday, depending on the transaction you wish to carry out.

To make an object deposit (commitment) and obtain a loan, you can come without an appointment from 9am to 12:30pm and by appointment from 1pm to 5pm. 

To clear your loan and collect your item, you must make an appointment.

  • Please bring valid original proof of identity (list of accepted proofs of identity) and proof of address in France, including your first name and surname(list of accepted proofs of address), less than 3 months old for new customers, or less than one year old for existing customers.
  • Your proof of address must show the same first and last names as on your proof of identity.
  • We will ask you for the documents in "paper" format.

The list of items that can be dropped off can be found in the "prepare my appointment" section.

I deposit my object to obtain a loan

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On site, your item is appraised by experts. We can lend you around 60% of its estimated value, and up to 80% for certain items.

Our team welcomes you to a dedicated pawnshop, accessible from 55 rue des Francs-Bourgeois, 75004 Paris.
For high-value or bulky items, please make an appointment by calling 01 44 61 65 78 or 01 44 61 65 74.

When you deposit your item, it is appraised on site by independent experts. The amount of the loan offered depends on the estimated value of your item on the public auction market.
Our teams will then make you a loan proposal for between 50% and 80% of the estimated value, depending on the type of item.

Example: if you deposit a bag that you bought for 1,200 euros, and Crédit Municipal de Paris' experts estimate that it is worth 800 euros on the public auction market, the amount loaned will be around 480 euros. - Example given for information only, non-contractual.

If you accept the loan offer from Crédit Municipal de Paris, a one-year contract is drawn up in your name, and the sum of money is paid to you immediately by cheque, bank transfer or cash up to 3,000 euros.

Loan amountfrom €30 to €500501 to €6,0006,001 € and over
APR ** (INTEREST RATE)4,25 %9,90 %*5,30 %*

* Including 1% custodian fees; loans under €500 are exempt from custodian fees.

** APR: annual percentage rate of charge

I make a choice at the end of my loan

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You have several options for closing your loan contract.

You can collect your item at any time, at no extra cost, simply by repaying your loan and interest. To collect your item, simply book a clearance appointment via our online platform.
For all clearances of more than two contracts, or if the clearance concerns an item other than jewelry, please book an appointment before 4pm.

Please note that in order to limit waste, we reuse our packaging. No packaging will be given to you on site. To make it easier to collect and transport your items, we invite you to bring all the materials you need to collect, pack and transport your goods.

You can renew your contract as early as 30 days before it expires, by paying the interest. Renewal is done directly online via your personal space.

If you wish to part with your object, or if you are unable to repay the interest to extend your contract, you can request the sale of your object. The proceeds of the sale will be used to repay the loan and interest. This request can be made by e-mail to the address See e-mail, as early as 3 months after the deposit and up to 30 days before the expiry of your contract.
On the expiry date of your contract, without renewal of your contract or balance of your loan, your item will be entered in one of our auctions to be sold.
Whatever happens, your loan will be settled at the end of the sale. If the sale of your item generates a profit, this profit, known as a bonus, will be paid to you.

Make a
loan simulation

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What are you planning to pawn?

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What is the value of your on the second-hand market?


If you don't know the value of your item on the second-hand market, only an estimate made in situ by our experts will enable us to determine the amount we could lend you.

For your worth
we can lend you up to :


Interest and custodian fees due :

  • If you repay your loan in 1 month
  • If you repay your loan in 6 months
  • If you repay your loan within 12 months

Would you like to deposit your item?

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*Estimates provided by the simulator are given for information only and result from data entered by the user. by the user. They do not constitute a definitive loan offer and are not contractually binding. contractual value.


A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your ability to repay before committing yourself.