Whether you need a small amount or a large sum, pawnbroking is one of the quickest and easiest ways to borrow money.



Drop off your valuable item and leave within the hour with a sum proportional to its estimated value.



Get a loan with no means testing.
As an added bonus, you retain ownership of the object!



When your loan comes due, you can renew it, paying only the interest due. You can also repay your loan early, without penalty.

The choice is yours!

Want to part with your item? You can put it up for sale. It will be listed at one of our sales most suited to the type of item. Your loan is then paid off, whatever happens!

If the lot is sold for more than the amount owed to Crédit Municipal de Paris, the difference (excluding selling costs) is returned to you. This is called a bonus.


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of bonuses generated in 2023

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I needed money quickly and didn't want to take out a loan with my bank. I went to Crédit Municipal de Paris, it was simple, I was well received and in less than an hour I had my money!

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If you don't know the value of your item on the second-hand market, only an estimate made in situ by our experts will enable us to determine the amount we could lend you.

For your worth
we can lend you up to :


Interest and custodian fees due :

  • If you repay your loan in 1 month
  • If you repay your loan in 6 months
  • If you repay your loan within 12 months

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*Estimates provided by the simulator are given for information only and result from data entered by the user. by the user. They do not constitute a definitive loan offer and are not contractually binding. contractual value.

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A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your ability to repay before committing yourself.