Exceptional sale of paintings and objets d'art on April 25

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On Thursday April 25 at 2pm, an exceptional sale of paintings and objets d'art will take place at the Crédit Municipal de Paris.

The sale promises a diverse selection of over 144 lots, ranging from ancient paintings to modern masterpieces, from sculptures to ceramics, and even furniture and magnificent carpets

Art lovers and collectors will have the rare opportunity to acquire unique pieces, ranging fromart deco toart nouveau, as well as renowned contemporary works. Among the lots up for grabs are works by such greats as Picasso, Cocteau, Delaunay, Olive, Lindström, Ben and Lanskoy.

Estimates range from €100 to €18,000.

A sale not to be missed!

✧ Delaunay, Cocteau or Olive: here's our selection of modern art paintings and drawings, to be discovered at our next sale of paintings and objets d'art at Crédit Municipal de Paris, on Thursday April 25.
Lot n°21 - Jean COCTEAU (1889-1963)

Two profiles with arabesques. Signed lower right "Jean Cocteau*". 24 × 17.5 cm.

Estimate €1,000 / €1,500

Lot n°29 - Sonia DELAUNAY (1885-1979)

Composition. Watercolor and gouache. Signed in pencil lower right "Sonia Delaunay". 39 × 29 cm (view).

Estimate €1,500 / €2,000

Lot n°30 - Frantisek KUPKA (1871-1957)

Composition. Black ink, pencil and white gouache highlights, collage. Signature stamp straddling the composition and mounting sheet. Dedicated by Eugénie Kupka on the mounting board "A Karel Kupka en souvenir de François Kupka le 4 Avril 1962". 22 × 16.5 cm.

Estimate €4,000 / €6,000

Lot n°31 - Takanori OGUISS (1901-1986)

Saint Denis, the canal. Original oil on canvas. Signed lower left "Oguiss". 50 × 61 cm.

Estimate €12,000 / €18,000

Lot n°49 - Jean-Baptiste OLIVE (1848-1936)

Cliffs on the Mediterranean coast. Oil on canvas. Signed lower left "JB Olive". 55.5 × 47 cm.

Estimated €6,000 / €8,000

✧ Contemporary art takes center stage at our next sale of paintings and objets d'art on Thursday, April 25! Here's our selection, featuring tapestries, gouache on paper, silkscreen prints and paintings.
Lot n°53 - Jean COCTEAU (1889-1963)

Face. Partially glazed terracotta pitcher. Signed at the top of the rim "Jean Cocteau*". Numbered below 8 / 30. Under the base, the inscriptions: "Édition originale de Jean Cocteau. Atelier Madeline Joly 8 / 30". H. 24.5 cm. Diameter : 14 cm.

Estimate €3,000 / €3,500

Lot n°54 - Pablo PICASSO (1881-1973)

Owl, 1968. Turned vase, authentic replica in white earthenware, engobe decoration, knife-engraved under partial brush glaze, black, red, green and white patina. Edition of 500. Stamps under the base: "Madoura Plein feu", "Édition Picasso" and "Édition Picasso 274 / 500, Madoura". H. 30.5 cm.

Estimate €8,000 / €12,000

Lot n°60 - Jérôme MESNAGER (born 1961)

Tribute to the moon. Gouache on paper. Signed lower left. 40 × 54.5 cm (view).

Estimated €200 / €300

Lot n°70 - L'ATLAS (born 1978)

To the light. Acrylic and ink on paper mounted on canvas. Unsigned. Inscribed "v.a.o" on the back of the canvas. 60 × 60 cm.

Estimate €1,500 / €2,000

Lot n°71 - BEN (born 1935)

Written for Glory, 2001. Silkscreen on wood, enhanced with original handwriting. Multiple signed and numbered 13 / 20, accompanying the first edition of the book: "Ben, Écrit pour la gloire, à force de tourner en rond et d'être jaloux", Z'Éditions, France, 2001, also numbered on the last page. This book will be given to the purchaser. 60 × 50 cm (per panel).

Estimate €2,000 / €3,000

Lot n°74 - André LANSKOY (1902-1976)

Composition. Gouache on paper. Signed lower right. 75 × 148 cm.

Estimate €10,000 / €15,000

Lot n°138 - Michel TOURLIÈRE (1925-2004) and Ateliers Suzanne GOUBELY

Staggered vines. Polychrome wool Aubusson tapestry executed in basse lisse, monogrammed and signed "Tourlière" in the weft, lower left. It is titled, numbered 3 / 6, countersigned on the bolduc and annotated "éditeur Suzanne Goubely-Gatien-Aubusson".L. 150 × l. 150 cm.

Estimated €800 / €1,200

✧ Between paintings and furniture, immerse yourself in the refinement of antique art with our next sale of paintings and objets d'art on Thursday, April 25.
Lot n°14 - 18th century Italian school, workshop of Francesco SOLIMENA

Noli me tangere and Christ among the Apostles. Two oils on canvas forming a pair. 62 × 49 cm.

Estimate €4,000 / €5,000

Lot n°134 - KRIEGER in Paris

Flat desk in mahogany and flamed mahogany veneer, opening with four drawers (two fake, one double secret) framed with gadroon friezes. The back simulates four front drawers. Sheathed legs with sabots and canted legs highlighted with a frieze of pearls and festoon motifs at the corners. Top upholstered in gilded havana leather and encircled by a lingotière. Gilt and chased brass and bronze trim. Stencilled mark "KRIEGER, Paris, Faubourg Saint Antoine" Plaques "KRIEGER à Paris" on 3 drawer locks. Late 19th century, Louis XVI style. H. 77 × W. 125 × D. 65.5 cm. With 3 keys.

Estimate €1,000 / €1,500

Lot n°136 - GUIGNARD (Pierre François QUENIARD dit)

Mahogany and flamed mahogany veneer chest of drawers with central recess opening to five drawers in three rows. The rounded, fluted uprights rest on tapered legs. Decorated with gilded and chased bronzes featuring laurel falls, rows of pearls and ribboned bows. Molded gray marble top. Stamped "P. F. GUIGNARD" and sworn mark "JME". LOUIS XVI period. H. 85.5 × L.110.5 × W.50.5 cm.

Estimate €1,500 / €2,000